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How does Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada decide whether a refugee can be sponsored and resettled?

The decisions are based on:

  • documents sent by the sponsoring group, showing that it can adequately support the refugee,
  • supporting documents sent by the refugee about the claim for refugee protection,
  • other information available to the officer (such as details of conditions in the country the refugee is fleeing and in the country the refugee has taken temporary asylum), and/or
  • an interview with the applicant.

To be accepted for resettlement in Canada, the refugee must also pass medical and security checks. In addition, a visa officer will assess the refugee based on whether they:

  • are likely to establish themselves successfully in Canada,
  • have relatives or a sponsor in Canada,
  • are able to learn English or French, and
  • are likely to get a job.

When a family unit is applying, the officer assesses these factors for the family as a unit.

In some cases, the officer may decide that refugees urgently need protection. In that case, they are not assessed on their ability to establish themselves in Canada.

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