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If I am waiting for a new work permit and I have job offer points, do I have to remove the job offer from my Express Entry profile?

“Implied status” means you can stay in Canada and keep working while we make a decision on your application.

If you have implied status, and have applied to renew your work permit, you can keep working for the same employer under the same conditions. You are still eligible for job offer points during this time.

If you are invited to apply, your Express Entry profile answers will be carried forward to your online application for permanent residence. It will show that you have a valid work permit supported by an LMIA (if you need one) in a NOC TEER 0 Major Group 00 job. You will not need to change the answers.

You must submit a copy of your LMIA with the application if your work permit was supported by an LMIA.

Note: The points you can get for a job offer has changed. You can now get:

  • 200 CRS points for a valid job offer in a NOC TEER 0 Major Group 00 job
  • 50 CRS points for a valid job offer in a NOC TEER Category 1, 2 or 3 job, or any TEER 0 job other than Major group 00.

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