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How long does it take to get an International Experience Canada invitation to apply?

It depends on the International Experience Canada (IEC) pool you are in. Invitations to apply are issued in the following order:

  1. International Internship (Co-op)
  2. Young Professionals
  3. Working Holiday

There are usually more spots available than there are candidates in these categories:

  • International Internship (Co-op)
  • Young Professionals

Candidates with a profile in these pools will usually receive an invitation to apply as long as spots are available.

Working Holiday candidates could be in the pool for several weeks or months. We will randomly select candidates from the pool and invite them to apply for a work permit. All candidates in the pool have an equal chance of being invited. It is also possible that you will not receive an invitation to apply before the end of the season.

Learn more about your chances of getting an invitation to apply this season.

Note: You can receive only one invitation to apply during each round of invitations.

Candidates using a recognized organization

Once rounds of invitations begin for your recognized organization, you may be in the pool for a few weeks.

Only candidates with a recognized organization acceptance letter will receive an invitation to apply.

Note: If you are using a recognized organization and you are not sure if you need a letter, you can ask your recognized organization for help.

If you made a mistake in your IEC profile and you should not be in a recognized organization pool, you must

To become a candidate in another pool, you must be eligible for another IEC category.

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