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Do I need to notify IRCC of a change of sex or gender identifier?

For Canadian citizens

No, you don’t need to notify us. But it’s a good idea to make sure your documents contain the same information.

For permanent residents

No, you don’t need to notify us. But if you don’t, it could create delays at the border when you travel to Canada.

If you’re travelling by air, make sure that the gender identifier on your permanent resident card matches the sex on your passport. This will help avoid potential problems at the airport.

For temporary residents

Yes, if any information on your foreign passport changes, you must apply for a new permit, visa or eTA. The sex on your visitor visa, eTA work or study permit must be the same as the sex on your foreign passport.

See How do I change sex or gender identifier on my application or document? for more information.

For protected persons

No, you do not need to notify us. But you may want to when you apply for permanent residence.

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