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I want to submit an offer of employment. Where can I find the IMM 5802 form?

In most cases, offers of employment must be submitted online through the Employer Portal, and the IMM 5802 form is no longer accepted.

Find out how to enrol in the portal and submit an offer of employment.

When you need to complete the IMM 5802 form

In some special cases, you may need to request the IMM 5802 form from us to complete your offer of employment.

For example

  • if you’re a foreign entrepreneur coming to Canada to incorporate a new business and you don’t have a Canada Revenue Agency business number yet
  • if you’re having problems logging into your Employer Portal account and we can’t fix the issue in time

How to request an IMM 5802 form from us

If you can’t submit an offer using the Employer Portal, email the Employer Portal to request an IMM 5802 form. In your email, include the

  • passport information exactly as shown on the passport (full name, date of birth, place of birth, country of citizenship)
    • If you’re a foreign entrepreneur, this should be the information on your passport.
    • If you’re a Canadian employer, this should be the information on the passport of the foreign worker you’re hiring.
  • business name, if known
  • business contact address, if known

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