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How do I check patient eligibility for the Interim Federal Health Program?

To check your patient’s eligibility for the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) before you provide a service:

  1. Ask for their eligibility document. This could be
    • an Interim Federal Health Certificate
    • a Refugee Protection Claimant Document
    • an Acknowledgement of Claim and Notice to Return for Interview Letter
  2. Confirm their identity with:
    • an immigration document that has a photo
    • a government-issued identification that has a photo
  3. Check their eligibility for IFHP using their identification number (the 8 to 10 digit number on their eligibility document) and by either

If you have questions about the types of benefits and services covered, you can also contact Medavie Blue Cross by

To find out more about checking patient eligibility, see our quick reference guide (PDF, 242 KB). You can also see examples of IFHP eligibility documents in the IFHP Information Handbook for Health Care Professionals (PDF, 6.9 MB).

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