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Can I travel with a specific person for International Experience Canada?

There is no guarantee that you will both be invited to apply for a work permit through International Experience Canada (IEC).

If you both have profiles in an IEC pool, it is possible that you could both be invited to apply. This applies even if that person is your

  • boyfriend or girlfriend;
  • spouse or common-law partner;
  • sibling;
  • best friend.

If one of you gets an invitation to apply before the other, you can accept or decline your invitation.

Before you make a decision, check the rounds of invitations page to learn more about your chances of getting an invitation to apply.

If you accept your invitation to apply

You can complete and submit your work permit application. Be aware that once we issue your port of entry (POE) letter, you can’t get a refund.

If your travelling partner isn’t invited to apply, they may be eligible for a different type of work permit outside the IEC program. In most cases, they will need a job offer before they apply for their own work permit.

If you decline your invitation to apply

You and your travelling partner might both be invited in a future round. Again, there is no guarantee.

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