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I need help with my mental health. Does the Interim Federal Health Program cover it?

Yes. The Interim Federal Health Program provides coverage for mental health services provided by:

  • general practitioners/family doctors,
  • mental health hospitals and
  • clinics.

Family doctors/general practitioners can diagnose and treat some mental health problems. Depending on your situation, they may refer you to other mental health professionals, such as:

  • clinical psychologists,
  • psychotherapists,
  • counselling therapists or
  • psychiatrists who specialize in mental health.

When your physician refers you, you are also covered for the mental health services these professionals provide. Mental health professionals can help you improve or maintain your mental health with:

  • therapy,
  • counselling,
  • medication or
  • a combination of these options.

Any health-care providers you see must be registered with the Interim Federal Health Program administrator, Medavie Blue Cross.

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