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I’m in the Express Entry pool. How can I look for a job in Canada?

Note: As of June 6, 2017, It is now optional to create a Job Match account with Job Bank.

To start your job search, you can

  • create a Job Match account with Canada’s Job Bank
  • promote yourself to employers in Canada using private sector job boards

You can use both while you are in the Express Entry pool. Once you come to Canada, you can keep using these services if you still need to find a job.

Job Bank

A Job Match account with Job Bank is an easy, online tool to help match you with employers looking for workers with your skills. To do so:

  • go to the Job Match sign-in page
  • click the “Sign up now!” button
  • read the privacy notice and click “I agree” if you agree
  • follow the instructions to create an account

You will need your Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code to create a Job Match account.

Job boards

Private-sector job boards are online services that advertise jobs and give you tools for finding work. Some are free and others cost a small fee. Research to find one that suits you.

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