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Do I need to submit a new offer of employment if something in the offer has changed?

If the temporary worker needs to get a new work permit (because of changes to the employer, the occupation or the work location), a new offer of employment is also usually needed.

For example, you will need a new offer of employment in these situations:

  • Your business name has changed and your worker applies for a new permit with the new business name listed on it.
  • The job or duties have changed and they fall under a different National Occupational Classification code.
  • The job location has changed and one of the following applies:
    • The worker was only allowed to work at a specific location (it’s a condition of their work permit).
    • The job location is part of the reason you were exempt from requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (for example, the worker is a provincial nominee and can only work in a specific province or territory).
    • The new job location is less favourable to the worker (including accommodations and working conditions). For example, the worker agreed to work in a rural town and must now move to the city, or agreed to work in an office and must now work in a warehouse.

Make sure you keep all documents about any changes you make. You may need to give them to an officer if we inspect your business.

If you’re worried that you may have been non-compliant because of any of these changes, you can let us know about it. You can also choose to submit a new offer of employment when you make a change to the original offer.

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