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I’m applying for a work permit under the GSS. Do I need include a police certificate?

Processing delays for GSS applications

Processing times for GSS applications continue to be affected by

  • the number of applications we’ve already received
  • an increase in applications as health and travel restrictions lift in Canada and around the world

It will probably take more than 2 weeks to process your GSS application. We’re continuing to recover so we can return to 2-week processing.

It depends on where you are applying from. Many of our visa offices abroad have specific instructions that you need to follow. To find out if you need a police certificate:

  1. Go to the work permit application.
  2. Select the country or territory you are applying from.
  3. Download the country-specific “visa office requirements” from the list of documents, if there are any.

Visa office instructions are specific to your location and will tell you if you need a police certificate.

If your police certificate is not in English or French you must get a certified translation and include it in your application, even if the visa office requirements say we accept other languages.

If you can’t get a police certificate, include an explanation and any supporting documents with your application. We will review your explanation and let you know if we need more information.

If you need a police certificate but don’t include it with your application, it may take longer than two weeks to process your application.

Find out how to get a police certificate.

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