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How do I replace my Refugee Protection Claimant Document?

What you do depends on the decision made on your refugee claim or Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA).

Your claim was refused

You can’t get a replacement RPCD if:

  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) refused your PRRA

Your claim or PRRA was approved

You may not need a replacement RPCD if:

  • the IRB approved your refugee claim
  • we approved your PRRA

You can apply for permanent residence right away.

You can apply for provincial or territorial healthcare coverage while we process your permanent residence application. If your province or territory refused your application for health coverage, you can apply for a replacement RPCD and use it to apply again.

Your application is still being reviewed

If the IRB is still reviewing your refugee claim or you are waiting for a decision on your PRRA, you can apply for a replacement RPCD at one of our offices.

If you know or suspect that someone stole your RPCD, file a police report at your local police station before you apply for a replacement.

Apply for a replacement RPCD

Expired RPCDs

All expired RPCDs are still considered valid until further notice. The date they expired will not affect the validity.

If your RPCD expired before January 1, 2020

Your RPCD is still considered valid. You don’t need to request a new one right now.

If your RPCD expired on or after January 1, 2020

You can request a RPCD by mail. To get your new RPCD, you must be inside Canada. Your expired RPCD will stay valid until you get your new one.

Follow these steps to get your replacement RPCD:

  1. Complete the RPCD request form (PDF, 0.1 MB).

    1. Include any dependant who also needs a new RPCD. They must also be inside Canada.
  2. Get 2 passport size photos for each person.

    1. The back of 1 photo must include the person’s name and date of birth.
  3. Mail your complete form and all photos in one envelope to this address:

    RPCD / DDA
    IRCC Winnipeg
    269 Main Street, Suite 400
    Winnipeg, MB R3C 1B2

After we get your request, we’ll

  • send your new RPCDs in the mail or
  • tell you to pick them up at one of our offices

Destroy your old RPCD once you have your new one. The old RPCD will no longer be valid.

Lost, stolen or damaged RPCDs

If your RPCD was lost, stolen or damaged, email us at The subject line of your email should say if your RPCD was lost, stolen or damaged.

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