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I received a letter from IRCC saying that my permanent residence application is incomplete. I paid the old fees already, but want to submit a new application. How do I pay my new permanent residence fees?

On April 30, 2022, the fees increased for all permanent residence applications.

If you received a letter from us stating your application is incomplete, you must submit a new application. Since you’re now applying after April 30, 2022, you must pay the new fees.

You have 2 options to pay your fees with your new application.

Option 1: Pay the new fees and get a refund for the fees for your old application

  1. Pay the new fees online.
  2. Request a refund for the fees you paid for your old application.

Option 2: Pay the difference between the new and old fees

  1. Have your receipt for your old payment ready as reference. The amount you’ve already paid is the old fee.
  2. Calculate the total fee difference you need to pay:
    • Add up all the amounts in the “payable difference” column in the table below that apply to your situation.
    • For example, if you are paying for yourself, your spouse or partner and 1 dependent child, the payable difference for you (including the right of permanent residence) is CAN$85. This is the amount you need to pay.
  3. Go to the Make an additional payment or pay other fees page in the ePayment portal.
  4. Under Quantity, enter the payable difference amount:
    • Each payment generates 1 receipt. You can pay as a single payment or repeat this step to make multiple payments.
    • The receipt will be sent to the email address you entered in the ePayment portal.
  5. Submit a copy of your receipt(s) with your new application.
Fee difference schedule
Fees Previous amount used in our systems ($CAN) New fee effective April 30, 2022 ($CAN) Payable difference ($CAN)
Your application
Processing fee and right of permanent residence fee
1,325 1,365 40
Your application (without right of permanent residence fee) 825 850 25
Include your spouse or partner
Processing fee and right of permanent residence fee
1,325 1,365 40
Include your spouse or partner (without right of permanent residence fee) 825 850 25
Include a dependent child 225 per child 230 per child 5 per child
Right of permanent residence fee (may be paid at a later date) 500 515 15

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