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What’s the difference between a foil-less visa and a physical visa?

The foil-less visa was introduced as a special measure for Ukrainian nationals who need a visa to travel to Canada quickly.

Both a foil-less visa and a physical visa allow you to travel to Canada and enter. However, there are some differences when getting a foil-less visa compared to getting a physical visa.

Differences between a foil-less visa and a physical visa

Document type Physical visa Foil-less visa
Who qualifies All Ukrainian nationals and their family members, travelling from any country. Ukrainian nationals with a valid passport who are travelling to Canada from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania or Slovakia. Accompanying family members who are not Ukrainian nationals do not qualify and will need to get a physical counterfoil.
Single entry or multiple entry Valid for multiple entries to Canada (in most cases). You can leave and return to Canada as long as your visa and passport are still valid. Valid for a single entry to Canada. If you leave Canada. You must apply for a new visa to return.
Validity Can be used for travel to Canada for up to 10 years or until your passport expires (in most cases). Must be used to travel to Canada within 6 months from the date it was issued or before your passport expires, whichever comes first.
Sending your passport You need to send your passport to a VAC by following the instructions in your passport request letter. You do not need to send your passport to a visa application centre (VAC), but you must bring your passport and a physical or electronic copy of your foil-less visa letter when you travel to show to airline staff and a border services officer.
Preparing to travel This is recognized as the standard format by all airlines. Since the usual physical counterfoil will not be in your passport, we recommend you book a direct flight to Canada, if possible. This will help avoid any issues during your travel, particularly if you’re travelling through a third country.

Learn more about the foil-less visa for Ukrainian nationals, including how to request one.

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