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Do I need a medical exam to get a work permit?

You may need a medical exam to get a work permit if any of these situations apply to you:

  1. You wish to work in any job where it is important to protect public health, such as
    • health services
    • child care or
    • primary or secondary education
  2. You’ll work in an agricultural job, and you have lived in a designated country or territory.
  3. You want to work in Canada for more than 6 months, and you lived in a designated country or territory for 6 consecutive months during the year right before the date you intend to enter Canada.

If you need a medical exam, an officer will tell you so and send you instructions on how to proceed. The officer’s decision is based on the type of job you will have and where you lived in the past year.

Open work permit holders

An officer may not know if you need a medical exam. You should get a medical exam from a panel physician if any of the 3 situations above apply to you.

See also: How do I remove medical conditions from my open work permit.

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