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Should I apply for permanent residence for my adopted child, rather than Canadian citizenship?

Permanent residence might be better suited to some people than citizenship. For example, some parents might want to let their adopted child choose to become a Canadian citizen as an adult, rather than decide on behalf of their child. That might be especially true if their adopted child is from a country that does not recognize multiple citizenships.

Also, adoptees who become permanent residents before applying for citizenship will be able to:

  • pass on their citizenship to children they may later have abroad; or
  • apply for a direct grant of citizenship for children they may later adopt abroad.

Adoptees acquiring citizenship directly will not be able to do either of those things due to the first-generation limit, unless the other parent is a Canadian citizen through birth or naturalization in Canada.

Also, in order to apply for the direct route of citizenship on the behalf of your adoptive child, you must be a Canadian citizen born or naturalized in Canada.

Parents applying on behalf of a child whose adoption will be finalized in Canada will still need to apply for permanent residence.

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