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What do I do if I get a new passport after I apply for International Experience Canada?

It depends on where you are in the application process.

If your profile is still in the pool

You can withdraw your current profile and submit a new profile using your updated passport information.

If you’ve submitted your work permit application

If you don’t have your port of entry (POE) letter of introduction

  • Submit a scanned copy of your new passport using the Web form.
  • In the enquiry box, please provide:
    • your old passport number
    • your application ID number, which is provided in your acknowledgement letter.

If you already have your letter of introduction

If you’re from an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or visa-required country, you will need to get a new eTA or visa.

Bring a photocopy of your old passport and your new valid passport with you to Canada. When you arrive in Canada, you must tell the border services officer that you have a new passport.

The officer will check your documents and print out your work permit if you meet the requirements to enter Canada.

Your work permit is still valid even if it is attached to your old passport number.

Before you leave the officer make sure that all the information on your work permit is correct including:

  • your personal information
  • any employer specific information:
    • your employer’s name and location
    • your job
    • the conditions of your work permit match the conditions on the letter of offer from your employer

If you changed your passport because you got married or divorced, bring:

  • a copy of your marriage certificate; or
  • proof of your divorce.

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