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How can I get my immigration application processed faster?

The time it takes to process an application varies. It depends on where you applied and your situation. To avoid delays:

  • include all the information we ask for with your application. Use the document checklist in the application package
  • tell us of any changes to the personal information on your application, such as changes to your:
    • name
    • contact information
    • family situation
  • make sure the photocopies and documents you give us are clear
  • provide certified English or French translations of original documents that you submit in other languages
  • tell the truth on your application

There may be delays in processing your application if:

  • you do not tell us of any criminal or security problems related to it
  • your family situation is unclear because of issues such as
    • a divorce
    • an incomplete adoption
    • unresolved child custody issues
  • the office has to consult with other offices in Canada or abroad

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