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What are the responsibilities of a sponsoring group?

A group sponsoring refugees must do the following.

  • Complete a settlement plan for the refugees. The plan shows how the group will directly or indirectly help the sponsored refugees settle into their life in Canada. These include helping them to:
    • find housing that meets their needs
    • find English or French language training
    • find a job and make friends
    • learn about Canadian culture and values
    • learn about the services in their community
  • Financially support the refugees. Sponsoring groups must pay for all of the refugees’ needs. These can include housing, food, medical expenses, personal products and more. The groups must do this for whichever comes first:
    • one year after the refugees arrive in Canada
    • until the refugees are self-supporting

    In rare cases, sponsoring groups may provide this help for longer. Service provider organizations also provide some services.

  • Live in the community where the refugee(s) will settle and provide support as needed.

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