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How do I fill out and validate IRCC application forms with 2D barcodes?

Some of our forms have a Validate button at the top and bottom. We call these forms “2D barcode forms.”

2D barcode forms help:

  • you make sure that you completed all the required fields
  • us process your application faster

Follow these instructions to complete, sign and submit a 2D barcode form:

  1. Download and open the form.
  2. Fill out the form.
    • If you’re not sure about the information you must provide, check your application guide.
  3. Click the “Validate” button, at the top or bottom of the form.
    • You must always click the Validate button on 2D barcode forms, whether you submit your application online or by mail.
    • If you provided all the information, a new page with barcodes will appear at end of the document. It will look like this:

      A page of barcodes
    • If you’re missing information, the fields you need to fill out will be outlined in red with a description of what is missing.
    • If a barcode does not appear, find out why and how to fix the issue.
  4. Get ready to submit the form.

    If you apply online:

    • Do not print the 2D barcode form.
    • Do not use the “signature panel” button at the top of the application.
    • Save the form on your computer in a place you’ll remember.
    • Upload the form to your account.
    • After you upload all the forms for your application, click the “Next” button that appeared below your uploaded documents.
    • Enter your name and answer a security question

    If you apply on paper:

    • Print the application form, including the barcodes on the last page.
      • The barcodes must be clear. Distortions, smudges or fading can cause processing delays.
      • For best results print on white, bond-quality, non-glossy paper using a laser printer.
    • Sign and date your application in pen.
    • Put the page with the barcodes on the top of your application package before mailing it.

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