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Will you refuse my application if I include a parent or grandparent that wasn’t on my interest to sponsor form?

You can apply to sponsor both parents (or both grandparents) under the same confirmation number if you’re invited to apply.

You’re able to sponsor your parents or grandparents based on your invitation to apply, whether or not they’re included on your interest to sponsor form (if you meet the eligibility requirements). You must identify one parent or grandparent as the principal applicant on your application. Once you have submitted the application, you can’t change the principal applicant.

You should also include a letter explaining why you’re sending an application for a parent or grandparent that wasn’t listed on your interest to sponsor form. 

It’s important to note that invitations to apply are not transferable. For example, you can’t use your invitation to sponsor your spouse’s parents and grandparents or give it to a friend or other family member. If you transfer your invitation, we’ll return the application. There are no exceptions.

Note: if you’re applying to sponsor parents and grandparents, a separate application is required for your parents and for your grandparents.

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