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What if the parent or grandparent I’m sponsoring has a separated spouse?

If the principal applicant (the parent or grandparent you’re sponsoring) has a separated spouse, their separated spouse is still considered a dependant.

The principal applicant must complete all forms for any dependants, including their separated spouse (if applicable), even if they aren’t coming to Canada.

If the principal applicant can’t get information about their separated spouse, they must upload a written explanation to tell us why they couldn’t get this information.

The explanation should be detailed and include information such as

  • if the separated spouse is in prison
  • if the separated spouse is in a common-law relationship with another person
  • any other relevant details

This letter lets us know the principal applicant didn’t forget to complete the forms.

In most cases, a separated spouse counts toward family size for the purposes of the income requirement. Make sure the principal applicant includes them, if they need to, when they’re calculating this.

If the principal applicant has a separated spouse and is also in a common-law relationship

The principal applicant must include their common-law partner in the application instead of their separated spouse. If the officer who processes the application needs more information, they’ll contact you.

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