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When and how do I apply urgently for a citizenship certificate?

Special measures for Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Iran

If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident currently in Iran, you can apply for the following documents for free:

  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian citizenship certificate
  • permanent resident travel document

Learn more about the special measures.

Processing times tell you how long it took us to process most complete applications in the past. We can process applications faster than our normal processing times in special cases.

You can ask for urgent processing if you need a citizenship certificate to

  • access benefits like
    • a pension
    • health care
    • a Social Insurance Number
  • prove you’re a Canadian citizen to get a job
  • travel to or from Canada because of a death or serious illness in your family

Your request for urgent processing must include

  • an explanation letter
  • supporting documents, for example
    • your plane ticket or itinerary, with proof of payment
    • a letter from your employer
    • a letter from your school
    • a doctor’s note
    • a death certificate

We’ll review your request to see if it qualifies. Even if you qualify for urgent processing, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get your citizenship certificate on time.

Urgent processing for dual Canadian citizens

Dual Canadian citizens can apply for a citizenship certificate urgently. To qualify, you must

  • also be a citizen of a visa-exempt country
  • have proof of air travel to Canada within 6 months following the date of application
  • have applied at the same time for a citizenship certificate and a Canadian passport

You can apply for urgent processing

Urgent processing: Submitted paper application (from outside Canada and the United States)

Contact the Canadian embassy, consulate or high commission (opens in a new tab)  where you submitted your application.

Urgent processing: Submitted paper application (from Canada or the United States)

Fill out the web form (opens in a new tab)  to explain why you need urgent processing.


Urgent processing: Submitted online application

Fill out the web form (opens in a new tab)  to explain why you need urgent processing.


Urgent processing: New online application

We’ll ask you if you need urgent processing in the application.

Answer yes, and

  • give an explanation of why you need urgent processing
  • upload documents to support your explanation

Create an account or sign in

Urgent processing: New paper application

  1. Complete the application package(opens in a new tab).

    Include with your application

    • a letter explaining why you need urgent processing
    • documents to support your explanation
  2. Pay your application fee (opens in a new tab) .
  3. Submit your application.

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