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When do I get my official online test result?

Once you submit the test, the result page will immediately display your score. You need to get at least 15 out of 20 questions correct to pass the test. This score is not your official test result.

After you take the test, one of our officers will review your result to make it official. They’ll record your official test result as 1 of 3 options:

  • Pass
  • Fail
  • Invalidated

Your result is only official after this review.

Your application status will show as “completed” if you received a pass or a fail.

Your status will show “in progress” if your

  • test hasn’t been reviewed yet
  • test was cancelled and rescheduled
  • results were invalidated

Depending on your official result, your updated application status will be 1 of 4 options:

  • Decision made on your application
  • Invitation for an interview
  • Invitation for a retest
  • Invitation for a hearing

Find out more about how and when you’ll get your official test result.

You can also check your application status.

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