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Why can’t I find all my documents or forms in the Permanent Residence Portal?

We recently improved the Permanent Residence Portal. It will now only show forms and supporting documents for the program you chose.

You don’t need to

  • restart your application
  • fill out any documents or forms again

If you uploaded a document or form and can’t find it, check under Additional Supporting Documents or Additional Application Forms.

There are some forms, like the Document Checklist, that you will need to download from Additional Application Forms and then upload to their new spot before you submit your application.

How can I find other forms and supporting documents in the portal?

Read the guide for the program you’re applying to. It will tell you which forms and documents you may also need to submit, depending on your situation. Make sure you include all of them with your application.

Other forms you may need might not appear under the Application Forms list for your program. You can search for them, using the form title or number, under Additional Application Forms or Additional Supporting Documents.

For example, if you have a common-law partner you can search for either “Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union” or “IMM 5409” to find the form you need.

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