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Why can I no longer use CAS to see the status of my application to sponsor a family member?

There may be differences between the application you sent and the supporting documents (such as a passport or marriage certificate) that the person being sponsored sent to the visa office overseas. That may be why Client Application Status (CAS) can no longer identify you based on the information you type in.

You may have been able to see the status of this application in the past on CAS because CAS was using the information you sent with the original sponsorship application in Canada.

However, once the visa office overseas starts handling the application, CAS will use the information in the supporting documents that your family member submitted.

If you are having problems, please check that:

  • any letters you got from the visa office or case processing centre show your correct
    • name,
    • date of birth,
    • place of birth and
    • other personal details and
  • the details you put on the original application are identical to those on the supporting documents you sent.

To let us know of any changes in your application or to address any mistakes, see How do I contact IRCC for more information.

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