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After I apply for citizenship, how long will it be before I can take the test?

We’re now inviting applicants to take the citizenship test online.

In-person tests may also be available if you need an accommodation.

For the latest instructions, wait for and check your invitation.

Every application is different. The wait time for your test invitation depends on your situation and our current processing time.

For example, you may wait longer if your application is non-routine.

Send a complete application

To submit a complete application

  • all sections of the “Review before you submit” page in your account must have a “Ready” status (if applying online)
  • read the document checklist in the application package (if applying on paper)

Your wait time may be longer if you send an incomplete application.

Wait for your test invitation

You can’t take the test without an invitation.

When you check your application status, go to the “Citizenship test” section of the citizenship status tracker. If it shows “In progress”, that means

  • we have scheduled your test
  • you’ll get your invitation soon

You still have to wait for the invitation to arrive before you can take the test.

If you have an emergency

If you need to take the test sooner due to an emergency, check if you qualify for urgent processing.

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