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How do I adopt a child from another country?

Intercountry adoptions are a two step process. First, there is the adoption process, which involves your province or territory of residence and the country from which you want to adopt. Please consult the intercountry adoption authority in your home province/territory for more information on how to adopt.

The second step is the immigration or citizenship process. This is where Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada comes in. Once the adoption has been authorized by the adoption authorities of your province/territory and the country where the child lives, you can proceed with the immigration or citizenship process to bring your adopted child to Canada. You should consult the website to decide which process to use.

We play no role in the first step of the intercountry adoption process. The immigration or citizenship process cannot proceed until the adoption has been approved by your province or territory and the adoption authority of the country where the child is being adoption from.

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