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How do I apply for a post-graduation work permit?

How you can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) depends on where you’re applying from. Most people must apply online for their PGWP. Find out how you can apply for your PGWP.

Make sure you’re eligible for a PGWP before you apply. You have 180 days after your school issues your final marks to apply for a PGWP.

When you apply, make sure you pay the Open work permit holder fee and the standard work permit fee.

If your study permit has expired

You must

  • submit your PGWP application within 90 days of losing your status and pay both fees (open work permit fee and standard work permit fee)
    • Restoring your status as a student has a fee of $350. Due to system limitations, applicants must pay the fees to restore their status as a student online and attach a copy of the receipt to their PGWP online application. You do not need to make a separate application to restore your status as a student.
  • keep meeting the requirements for your stay
  • meet all the remaining conditions listed on your permit

If you need to extend or change the conditions on your PGWP

You must apply on paper if you’re extending or changing the conditions on your PGWP. You can only extend your PGWP if your passport expired earlier than your PGWP validity should have been.

This would be indicated in a remark on your initial PGWP.

You may need to change the conditions on your PGWP if you need to provide an additional document, like a medical exam, after you already applied.

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