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If I come to Canada under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, will I be qualified to work in any province or territory?

Not necessarily. Standards and conditions of training for specific trades vary depending on the province or territory. (for example, ways to register apprentices, training curriculum, how to get accredited/certified/licensed)

It is up to you and your employer to make sure you have the documents needed to practice in the province or territory where you will work.

When we assess your application, we may check that you meet the requirements to be certified, licensed or registered to work in a regulated occupation in Canada.

If you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer but do not meet the requirements, we must be satisfied that you are capable of doing the job you were offered and that you are likely to qualify to be licensed or certified when in Canada.

Note: Even if you get certified in one province or territory, you may not be able to practise in another. After you immigrate, if you want to work in a different province or territory, check the requirements of the regulatory body that governs trades for that province or territory.

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