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When do I need to take a medical exam for the caregiver pilots?

Under the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilots, you probably have to take 2 separate medical exams during the process. In both cases, we send you instructions on when and how to get your medical exam done.

Do not go for your medical exam unless we tell you to.

First medical exam

As a caregiver, you work in close contact with children, disabled people or the elderly, so you need to take a medical exam before you can come to Canada to work.

Second medical exam

Once you have 12 months of work experience in Canada, and submit proof of your work experience, you may be asked to take another medical exam to make sure you’re still admissible to Canada.

Family members

Your family members must take and pass a medical exam even if they’re not coming with you to Canada. If they don’t, they won’t be eligible to be sponsored in the future. We contact them directly with instructions on how to get their medical exams.

If your family members are already Canadian citizens or permanent residents, they don’t need to take a medical exam.

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