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How are processing times calculated?

Most of our processing times are historical. This means we base them on how long it took to process 80% of applications in the past.

Your processing time starts the day we receive your complete application and ends when we make a decision on it.

Forward-looking processing times New

On May 1, 2024, some types of applications switched to forward-looking (expected) processing times. This means we calculate them using

  • the total number of that application type we have to process
  • the amount we expect to process every month

The application types showing forward-looking processing times are

  • Canadian experience class (Express Entry)
  • Provincial Nominees Program (Express Entry and non-Express Entry)
  • federal skilled workers (Express Entry)
  • Quebec skilled workers
  • spouse or common law partner (living inside or outside Canada)
  • parents or grandparents
  • citizenship grants
  • citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship)

If you apply by mail

The processing time starts when your complete application arrives in our mail room.

If you apply online or in person

The processing time starts when you submit your application.

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