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What is the pilot project to sponsor undeclared family members?

When you apply to become a permanent resident, you have to declare all family members on your application, even if they aren’t coming to Canada. This may include your

  • spouse
  • common-law partner
  • dependent children
  • dependent child of a dependent child

Usually, these family members need to have criminal and security checks, and a medical exam. This is so we have all the information we need to make sure these family members would not make you ineligible or inadmissible.

Most of the time, people aren’t allowed to sponsor family members that were not declared and examined when they became a permanent resident.

As of September 9, 2019, we have a pilot project where you may be able to sponsor family members that were not declared or examined.

This policy doesn’t let you sponsor family members who would have made you ineligible to immigrate to Canada.

The people you sponsor must still meet all eligibility requirements and prove they’re admissible to Canada. All application fees still apply.

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