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My citizenship application was returned to me. Do I have to recalculate my physical presence (time lived in Canada) before I resubmit it?

If you applied online

Yes, you need to update your calculation in your online account before you resubmit your application.

On the “Physical presence calculator” section, you’ll find a question that asks, “Has anything changed in your physical presence in Canada between [last calculation date] and [yesterday’s date]?

If yes (you left Canada or served a sentence in that time range):

  • update these sections where applicable:
    • Time spent outside Canada
    • Time spent serving a sentence
  • click on the “Calculate my physical presence” button to recalculate your physical presence

If no (you didn’t leave Canada or serve a sentence), click on the “Calculate my physical presence” button.  

If you applied on paper

Check the letter we sent with your incomplete application. It tells you if you have to recalculate your physical presence.

You must recalculate your physical presence if your application was returned because

  • your calculation is incorrect
    • Double-check your calculation.
    • Include all the times you spent outside Canada during your 5-year eligibility period (5 years before the date you sign your application).
  • you didn’t sign or date your application form
  • the application date in your application form and physical presence calculation are different (they must be the same)
  • you submitted an outdated application form
  • it’s dated either
    • more than 90 days before we received it, or
    • into the future (post-dated)

Make sure the application date in the calculator and date of signature on the application form are the same.

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