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I have reclaimed my Indigenous name. How do I update my PR card?

If you’ve reclaimed your Indigenous name, you can change the name on your PR card by applying for a new one. There’s no cost for this change until May 31, 2026.

When you apply, include either an eligibility form or a Statutory Declaration, depending on your situation.

Include an eligibility form [IRM 0004] (PDF, 1.82 MB) if you either

  • amended your birth certificate or
  • have a legal change of name document

Include a Statutory Declaration [IRM 0005] (PDF, 1.82 MB) if you

  • are applying for a free replacement PR card and
  • can’t amend your birth certificate or get a legal change of name document
    • you’ll also need to include proof you can’t get these documents (for example, a rejection letter from your province or territory)

We’ll use these forms to find if you’re eligible for a free replacement card.

You’ll have to pay the usual fees if

  • you’re applying for your first PR card
  • you’ve declared your PR card lost, stolen or damaged

Apply for, renew or replace a Permanent Resident card

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