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What do I do if I have technical problems when applying online?

Here are some solutions that could help you with technical issues.

Problems downloading, opening or uploading a PDF form

We have some answers that could help.

Find more answers about technical issues with PDF forms and other aspects of applying online.

IRCC secure account – While you’re applying

Technical problems – Filling out an application or trying to upload documents

If you can’t find a solution in our answers about technical issues

  • Use the Report a technical issue button at the top of your account to share the issue with us.
    • An agent will respond to you as soon as they can. Our response time can vary depending on overall volume of enquiries.

If you’re in Canada and applying to work or study

In some cases, you need to follow special instructions to complete your application, or you may need to apply on paper. Find out if this applies to you.

All online applications – While you're applying or after you submit your application

This includes the IRCC secure account, the IRCC Portal, the online citizenship application, the Permanent Residence Portal and all other types of online accounts with us.

If the technical problem is not addressed by our answers about technical issues

  • Use our web form and choose Technical difficulties as the type of enquiry.

To help us find and solve the issue as fast as possible, follow the steps below.

  1. Personal information and description of the issue

    Include the following details on the web form:

    • surname (last name)
    • given name(s)
    • date of birth
    • country of birth
    • the type of device you were using (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.)
    • the browser you were using (including version)
    • your general location (Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.)
    • description of the problem or error message, including the date and time (including time zone) it happened
    • screenshots of the page where you had the problem
    • a copy/paste text of the full URL of the page
    • as much information as possible about the steps you took before you had the problem
  2. Additional details about your application

    If you have any or all of the following, also include them on the web form:

    • Unique Client Identifier (UCI)/Client ID Number
    • application number
    • personal reference code
    • current status in Canada and the date of expiration
    • the date you applied
  3. Screenshots or other documents that show us what the problem is

    Showing us what the technical issue is (for example, the messages you may have seen on screen) and when exactly it happened will help us better understand what you experienced and will allow us to provide the right solution.

    For technical issues uploading a form or document, include

    • a copy of the form or document you’re trying to upload (with all fields completed), and
    • all your answers to the online questionnaire
      • To do this
        • choose “Modify my Answers” at the top of the page
        • save your answers into a document by
          • taking screen shots or
          • copying and pasting the text

    For technical issues linking your application to a new account, include

    • all your answers on the “Link an existing application to this account” page. Save them in a document by
      • taking screenshots or
      • copying and pasting the text

    For all other technical issues, include

    • screenshots showing the full browser window of the
      • page where you’re having problems or trying to sign into your account
      • error message(s) you got

If you need to send many documents and images, find out how to combine documents.

We’ll try to answer within 10 business days after you contact us. Our response time is dependent on the volume of enquiries we receive.

Please do not send your question more than once. It can delay our answer.

  • Make sure that your enquiry is as complete as possible before you submit a web form.

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